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CANCELLED – 3-Day Workshop – Alexis Lavine, From Ordinary to Extraordinary

“Red Hat Ladies Share a Secret,” by Alexis Lavine

Alexis Lavine, NWS, WHS


A Message from Alexis Lavine

To all of the BWS members who were signed up for my worksop,

I am tremendously sorry and disappointed that we are unable to have our workshop together in May.  In the current climate of restricted gatherings and social distancing, a workshop would just not be wise, or healthy, maybe not even “legal”.  And the workshop studio might be closed as well.  (Everything is closed and canceled around here, and will be, for some time.)  I am desperately hoping that things will be improving by May, but I still do not expect them to be back to normal.

I waited for two years for this workshop, since it was first arranged, and I was looking forward to meeting and working with all of you!  Perhaps it will happen at another time in the future …

I do believe that right now, more than at any other time in recent memory, it is tremendously important for us to stay CONNECTED, however we can, to reach across the very high viral fence – to nurture our connections.  Never having met you, that might seem like a strange statement, but I would like to give you something, to at least establish a tiny connection between us.  ART is a great way to do this!

If you scroll down below this, you will find a description of a demo from a recent workshop.  After my workshops end, I always email demo “recaps” like this one, for every demo I present in the workshop.  I hope you find this interesting … perhaps you will want to follow it and make a similar painting … or maybe it will help you to go into your studio to resume work on your latest project.  (Believe me, I myself could use some help many days lately!)  But regardless, this is my way of reaching out to you – – and making a connection.

I hope you are healthy, and stay well and creative.

I send this with my very best wishes,



Alexis Lavine, NWS


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