BWS/MINWA Show – “Life Along The Indian River Lagoon”

“Scrub Shadows” by Darleen Hunt, 2018-2019 BWS/MINWR Scrub Habitat Award.

Watercolor Paintings From The Refuge is a partnership show that BWS has done with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for the last 14 years, with emphasis on nature that is seen in and around the refuge. The show is at the Visitors Center during the prime birding months when they have visitors from all over the world, and also the Space Coast Birding Festival.

The theme for this years’ show will be “Life Along the Indian River Lagoon,” with three categories for art submissions:
1) Life Along the Lagoon, which can include scenes depicting kayaking, clamming, fishing, boating, sailing, netting, sailboarding, playing in the water or other activities on or along the water; 2) Flora; and 3) Fauna.

MINWR Visitor Center Hours
Open 8 am to 4 pm daily, November through April