President’s Message – July 2024

I hope everyone is having a good summer and taking advantage of some painting time in the cool of your homes. Membership has requested summer mini-workshops and we’re pleased to let you know the dates and the community center have been reserved for June and July of next year.

I am pleased to announce that starting in September, Susan Grabowski, and Susan Carden-Flicker, will be your coordinators and hosts for the mini-workshops.

They have graciously volunteered to fill the role. In September, you’ll see the website updated with their contact information.

Our Mini-Workshop topics and artists for August, September and October are set, including the much-requested one about entering art shows. Click on the listings/photos below for more information and to register.

The supply lists will appear on the registration confirmation page. Additional drawings and information may be sent by the workshop team closer to the event date.

Other upcoming events include the FWS Convention, September 20-21 in St. Petersburg. The Wildlife Show will be returning, more details to come.

Please take a minute thank a Board Member – a lot of visible work done by volunteers and committee leads is seen at events and art shows. The day-to-day operation of the organization goes on behind the scenes with the BWS Board. They and the previous board, have been invaluable in helping me the last two years as president.

  • Donna Ware, VP and Membership – she keeps track of the current members, new and tenured. She also offers to help any time I reach out for assistance. Always present and available.
  • Sheila Harnois, Secretary – as the business and ideas flow excitedly at our meetings, both General and Board, Shelia captures it all. It’s not an easy job and all the previous secretaries will attest!
  • Linda South, Treasurer – has worked innumerable hours to better automate and shore up our financial record keeping. She’s been a rock for me. She’s a strong leader and functions well in the early morning hours too.

Speaking of the board, elections will be held at the General Meeting on Saturday, September 7, 12-3 pm. Two positions are open: President and Vice President – 2-3 Workshops. In May a Nominations Committee was formed with members Therese Ferguson, Laurie Griffin and Maria Trieste. A formal announcement of volunteers for the roles is expected in August. Lynn Devlin has volunteered for the role of President. Please join us for the elections meeting and show your support for the election of the new Board Members.

Going forward, the General Meetings will start at noon, the first hour will be a brown bag lunch/socializing opportunity, followed by the business meeting at 1:00 pm.

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.”
– Georgia O’Keeffe


– Teri Mahnken

Teri Mahnken
President, Brevard Watercolor Society