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September BWS General Meeting Review

Through the years, I have always felt blessed to see people in various organizations volunteer to work together for the common good. Last week at the September 14th BWS general meeting, I experienced that same cohesive feeling of camaraderie when I saw my fellow artists step forward and volunteer to fill vacant offices, chair a committee or join a committee that needed help. The board put out a call for help and the membership said YES. Isn’t it just wonderful when everything falls naturally into place?

We are proud to announce the new BWS elected officers:

  • Our 1st Vice President (workshops) is Karen Krosnick,
  • Our 2nd Vice President (Membership) is Barbara Rios,
  • and our Secretary is Mary Warnick.

I also wish to thank Cathy Robinson for volunteering to be our new greeter, and Pat Bowlds and Grace Delanoy for all their hard work in creating our lovely new website. 

Special thanks to Frank Spino for the wonderful demo immediately following our meeting. We all appreciate the opportunity to learn from such a talented artist, and are fortunate to have him as an active member.

After the Saturday meeting, I received an email from Phyllis Marple offering to chair a committee of BWS members to run Splash 2020. The committee is composed of Debbie Whalen, Cindy McKee, Lolly Walton and of course, Phyllis Marple. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover that they were willing to take on this monumental job for us. Many of these ladies have worked Splash shows in the past, and are very experienced with Splash operations.

My thanks go out to all of you who have volunteered to sacrifice their time and energy for BWS. We still have a few positions open. Currently, we need chairs for Publicity (other than Splash), Plein-air, a webmaster apprentice, and more teachers willing to do mini workshops.  If you are interested in any of these positions, let any board member or committee chair know.

Donah Miller
BWS President

Photos courtesy of Ruth Foreman.

Spotlight Artist: Mary Warnick

Mary Warnick

Mary Warnick studied art from elementary through high school. She earned a degree in Home Economics Education at Penn State where she met her husband of 63 years. After 11 years as a full-time mom she returned to teaching until she took a full-time job with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, from which she retired in 1990.

Mary took watercolor classes in Massachusetts until her husband retired in 1993 and they moved to Florida. She took classes with local artists, joined BWS, SAL, TASGOB, FWS and the Pieces of 8. For 15 years she taught drawing and watercolor in her studio at the Henegar Center. Mary believes that drawing skills are important influences in the way she works.

Active in the early years of BWS, serving as Secretary for four years and Publicity for one year, Mary continues to volunteer for BWS to this day.

Mary’s work has been accepted and awarded in juried competitions. Her work is in local collections, and other parts of the country, shown by BCA, in the lounge of her condo, and at the Eastminster Presbyterian Church, where she is a member.

Featured painting: “Paradise Found”