President’s Message, October 2020

Let me start by thanking our board members for all their hard work and dedication. Thank you Donah Miller, our past President and Karen Kronsick, our past 1st Vice President for your service. I also want to thank Deb Marriott, Treasurer and Mary Warrick, Secretary for their continuing support. Lastly, I need to recognize and welcome our new board members, Donna Ware, 2nd Vice President and Karen Sullenger, 1st Vice President.

As many of you probably remember, this is my second time as your President.  During my previous term I made many new friends and look back on it as a very rewarding experience. I am sure this one will be just as exciting!

Thank you for your support,
Diane Harmon
BWS President

August 2020 President’s Message

Our lives have changed dramatically over the last few months, and there is no instruction manual to tell us what we should do or how we should feel about social distancing, home isolation, and loneliness. We worry about our children, parents, family, friends, and the economic fallout produced be this lingering pandemic. This situation has caused a lot of stress for everyone.

According to recent news stories, however, a number of people have been able to set aside those feelings worry, anxiety, and depression.  They have learned a way to tap various sources of inspiration, creativity, and hope. Through cooking, gardening, woodworking, knitting, writing, sewing, exercising, remodeling, repairing, and painting, they have unleashed their creative energy and shared that energy, through TV and internet, with their local community. By finding optimism, these people have taught us that we can still flourish amid a time of crisis.

My hope, for the members of Brevard Watercolor Society, is that we can resurrect our own creative spirit and learn a new technique, try a new painting tool, design new art compositions, or maybe start a COVID-19 Watercolor Series. What about artists?

To encourage you to produce and share your new work, we will soon have a member’s gallery on our website. The instructions for entering paints in the gallery will be published soon. Also, when we are able to meet again, we will be having “show and tell.” We want you to share with the rest of the BWS membership your new expressions of creativity. Stay safe and inspire yourself and others to be healthy, hopeful, and happy.

BWS President

Donah Miller

February 2020 President’s Message

Well, winter is here! I noticed last week, nighttime temperatures dropped down in the low thirties. Even during the day, the weather was cold, dark, and windy. I was tempted to stay inside, drink hot chocolate, eat warm hearty soups, huddle under layers of blankets, and wait until warmer weather returned.

However, having read somewhere, recently that a lot of physical inactivity could lead to weight gain and other health implications, I decided that human hibernation was not for me. So, during these cold winter months, I’m going to enjoy some alone time indoors, but also participate in physical and social activities outside the home.

If you feel the same as I do and are looking for a great social event this winter, I invite you to attend the 25th Annual SPLASH of Watercolor Art Show on February 15-16, 2020. The event will take place at the Azan Shrine Temple Saturday 10:00-5:00 and Sunday 10:00-4:00. All BWS members and their guests are welcome! If you are looking for a physical activity, then volunteer to work the art show. We sure could use your help.

BWS President

December 2019 President’s Message

As I look back over the past year, I realize that BWS has accomplished several meaningful projects. Here are some examples of our accomplishments in 2019. Our website has been re-designed and up-dated to better serve our members and our community at large. We have also provided a recycle table at each BWS general meeting for the sharing of art supplies with the BWS members and to help our organization raise money to support art education in Brevard County. Presently, we are working hard on the restructure of the educational part of our organization, in hopes of providing a more effective way to distribute art supplies and funds to the teachers and students involved in the art programs of Brevard County.

For the immediate future, we are gearing up for the 25th Anniversary of Splash coming in February 2020. For a successful art show, we will need 100% participation from our BWS membership. Much work needs to be done, and many hands will make the work light. Also, for the coming year, we will be reviewing our bylaws and up-dating where needed. As our organization grows, we need to make sure our bylaws allow us to make the changes that meet the needs of our membership, and our art community.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we must remember to says thanks to those who have made our lives easier. So, I say thanks to all of you for your hard work and support. I am thankful for the members of the BWS board. You are a delight to work with. Your dedication and talents are noticed by all, and are greatly appreciated. To all the members of BWS, I hope you have a great Thanksgivings Holiday, and a Merry Christmas.

Donah Miller

September BWS General Meeting Review

Through the years, I have always felt blessed to see people in various organizations volunteer to work together for the common good. Last week at the September 14th BWS general meeting, I experienced that same cohesive feeling of camaraderie when I saw my fellow artists step forward and volunteer to fill vacant offices, chair a committee or join a committee that needed help. The board put out a call for help and the membership said YES. Isn’t it just wonderful when everything falls naturally into place?

We are proud to announce the new BWS elected officers:

  • Our 1st Vice President (workshops) is Karen Krosnick,
  • Our 2nd Vice President (Membership) is Barbara Rios,
  • and our Secretary is Mary Warnick.

I also wish to thank Cathy Robinson for volunteering to be our new greeter, and Pat Bowlds and Grace Delanoy for all their hard work in creating our lovely new website. 

Special thanks to Frank Spino for the wonderful demo immediately following our meeting. We all appreciate the opportunity to learn from such a talented artist, and are fortunate to have him as an active member.

After the Saturday meeting, I received an email from Phyllis Marple offering to chair a committee of BWS members to run Splash 2020. The committee is composed of Debbie Whalen, Cindy McKee, Lolly Walton and of course, Phyllis Marple. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover that they were willing to take on this monumental job for us. Many of these ladies have worked Splash shows in the past, and are very experienced with Splash operations.

My thanks go out to all of you who have volunteered to sacrifice their time and energy for BWS. We still have a few positions open. Currently, we need chairs for Publicity (other than Splash), Plein-air, a webmaster apprentice, and more teachers willing to do mini workshops.  If you are interested in any of these positions, let any board member or committee chair know.

Donah Miller
BWS President

Photos courtesy of Ruth Foreman.

September 14, 2019 General Meeting

From Donah Miller, BWS President:

Summer is fading. Now, it’s time for us to prepare for our upcoming BWS fall and winter events. I hope you had a very relaxing summer, and are eager to join the other BWS members in making this one of the most artistic seasons in BWS history.

Our September meeting is packed with opportunities where our members can demonstrate their eagerness to make BWS the best art society in the county, and maybe the state. Some have already volunteered to help BWS this year. For example, Frank Spino has agreed to show us his excellent artistic skills by doing a demo at the September 14th meeting. Also, Pat Bowlds, a very multi-talented lady, has agreed to be our new webmaster. Diane Harmon and Therese Ferguson have agreed to be on our election committee this year.

“What can I do to help,” you ask? Well, I just happen to have a list of current needs at BWS. Feel free to step forward and take on one of the duties. Brevard Watercolor Society needs your help.

Here are some of our current needs:

  1. We need to elect officers for 1st VP (Workshops), 2nd VP (Membership) and Secretary.
  2. We need a chair for Splash (one person or a small committee).
  3. We need greeters to sign in and welcome members and visitors at our general meetings, and mini workshops.
  4. We need more used art supplies for our recycle table. These proceeds go toward art education in our county.

See you at the September 14th meeting,