February 2020 President’s Message

Well, winter is here! I noticed last week, nighttime temperatures dropped down in the low thirties. Even during the day, the weather was cold, dark, and windy. I was tempted to stay inside, drink hot chocolate, eat warm hearty soups, huddle under layers of blankets, and wait until warmer weather returned.

However, having read somewhere, recently that a lot of physical inactivity could lead to weight gain and other health implications, I decided that human hibernation was not for me. So, during these cold winter months, I’m going to enjoy some alone time indoors, but also participate in physical and social activities outside the home.

If you feel the same as I do and are looking for a great social event this winter, I invite you to attend the 25th Annual SPLASH of Watercolor Art Show on February 15-16, 2020. The event will take place at the Azan Shrine Temple Saturday 10:00-5:00 and Sunday 10:00-4:00. All BWS members and their guests are welcome! If you are looking for a physical activity, then volunteer to work the art show. We sure could use your help.

BWS President