Spotlight Artist: Debby Marriott

Lil’ Man by Debbie Marriott

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 Spotlight Artist, Debby Marriott!

Debby, who also happens to be our treasurer, also holds memberships with the American, National, Southern and Florida Watercolor Societies, and the Vero Beach Art Club. She is an extremely talented, award-winning artist who has most recently been lauded with honors for her “Senora Habana” (featured) and “Lil’ Man,” (below).

“I paint watercolor batik on Ginwashi rice paper using a wax resist. I choose this surface because it provides the translucent and textural qualities that I desire. The chopped fibers often draw the viewer closer to see what is in the paper! Rice paper lends itself to the glow of translucent paints.

While some might think it would be tedious to paint and wax each color separately I am always excited to iron off the wax when finished to see what is revealed.

I also enjoy creating art with resin mixed with paints, pigments, and inks. I use crystal clear Artresin is the catalyst throughout.”

– Debby Marriott

Besides loving Debby’s beautiful artwork and dedication to our organization, we applaud her philosophy of “paying it forward” by donating her monetary awards towards the education of three Ugandan students.

Learn more about Debby and view samples of her work at