President’s Message – April 2023

President’s Message – April 2023

What drives you to the palette and brushes every chance you get?

I didn’t know I had artists in my family. No one really talked about it. Many referred to my art as “my little hobby”.  One brother, whom I didn’t grow up with, was a professional watercolorist who helped organize the Arts Guild of Sonoma. His love of art had actually been downplayed by our father as “folly”. Once we connected and built our sibling relationship, I had the inspiration I needed to pursue watercolor. It is now a daily priority for me and my skills are growing with that commitment. Everyone one of us has a story of how we came in to painting being a passion and/or a business. Share your stories with me – I’ll share it in future messages with the group. Your inspiration may help a new member find the courage to let their passion grow.

Workshop News:

  • This Saturday is the Yupo workshop. We have a few spots left. No special supplies are needed. Email me if you’d like to attend. There will be donated books and supplies available (donation please). The Belks Charity promotion tickets will also be available for purchase.
  • May’s Mini-Workshop will feature member artist Witha Lacuesta. She will teach us how to quicky sketch a human body to be later developed into a painting. More information about this soon.
  • Laurie Griffin has been working to coordinate some Summer Zoom workshops. More information coming!
  • Many have expressed their disappointment about discontinuing our 2-3 day workshops. We need two primary things to make these happen: 1) A VP to coordinate the acquisitions, cost evaluation/validation, and event management.  2) Enough attendance commitment to support the artists’ fees and expenses. The Board will look at identifying more localized artists to keep costs down and possibly supplementing funding. Hopefully the summer workshops, if we can pull them together, will help fill the gap for now.

Splash Updates:

  • It was brought to the Board’s attention the commissions for the artists’ sales were calculated incorrectly. It was determined there was an error in that the Sales Tax was deducted from the artist’s commissions. Sales tax is collected from the transaction and should not have been part of calculating artists’ commissions. Refunds are being processed and will be mailed at the end of the month. We regret the error.
  • We are still seeing a coordinator Splash for 2024 and beyond. Laurie will train and support

May’s General meeting will be held on Saturday, May 11, 1-3pm at the Wickham Park Community Center. Therese Ferguson will be doing a demonstration following the meeting.


Creativity takes courage.” — Henri Matisse

 Teri Mahnken

President, Brevard Watercolor Society