Call for Art!

We are excited to have developed an on-line members’ gallery for our BWS website specifically to showcase our Members’ Artwork. WE NOW NEED YOUR ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS for our First Live Gallery!


  1. Artwork will be rotated quarterly. A new “Call for Art” for the Member’s E-Gallery will go out for each rotation.
  2.  A maximum of 75 images will appear in the Gallery.


  1. All submissions must be from BWS members and artwork must all be watercolor. At this time there is a limit of two pieces of artwork per artist up to a total of 75 paintings in this first gallery.
  2. All Artwork must be the Original Artwork of the artist and the artist must own the copyright to the art.  
  3. Artwork need not be for sale.
  4.   FEE/COMMISSION: There is no submission fee or sales commission taken from any sales that result from your listing. We simply want to make our Members’ beautiful artwork part of the BWS Website.
  5. All sales are private between the buyer and the artist.  Simply let the webmaster know that the artwork has been sold so it can be marked as sold in the gallery.


  1.  Submissions are open from Saturday, January 9th through Midnight on Wednesday, January 20th.
  2. The Gallery will go live on February 6th.


  1. We are using an automated, easy to use, on-line submission form developed through
  2. The link below will take you directly to our BWS e-Gallery submission form:

If, for some reason, the link does not work on your device, copy the link and paste it into your internet address bar.

Image Guidelines

Each submission will require a digital image of your artwork.  All images must be in jpg or jpeg format.  (which is what most camera’s use) Any other formats will be rejected.  ​

Tips for a good image:

  1.  It is not necessary to have an expensive camera.  Newer phones take excellent photos.
  2.  It is best to photograph artwork straight on, without framing thereby limiting the possibility of glare from glass.  If you can, crop out mats, frames, or untidy edges – only your painting should appear in the image. However, if you cannot, your image will be cropped on receipt.  Do not make computer enhancements to your image.
  3.  If you can – Re-size to 750 pixels on the longest side – 750 pixels wide if horizontal image or 750 pixels tall if vertical (if you can).  Save as high quality jpg.  If you do not know how to resize your image, simply send it in at the size you photographed it. It will be resized for you.
  4.  Avoid photographing in harsh light and ensure no shadows fall on your image. Review your file.
  5.   Questions can be directed to our Web Master: Michele Loftus-Trzcinski at her email: