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President’s Message, October 2020

Let me start by thanking our board members for all their hard work and dedication. Thank you Donah Miller, our past President and Karen Kronsick, our past 1st Vice President for your service. I also want to thank Deb Marriott, Treasurer and Mary Warrick, Secretary for their continuing support. Lastly, I need to recognize and welcome […]

August 2020 President’s Message

Our lives have changed dramatically over the last few months, and there is no instruction manual to tell us what we should do or how we should feel about social distancing, home isolation, and loneliness. We worry about our children, parents, family, friends, and the economic fallout produced be this lingering pandemic. This situation has […]

BWS General Meeting Minutes of January 11, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Donah Miller at 1:00 PM. A hand of applause was given for Barbara Brennan for her return after illness. Guests and new members were introduced. Donah then reported that her husband Al, a long-time and active member of BWS had passed, and invited all members to his […]

February 2020 President’s Message

Well, winter is here! I noticed last week, nighttime temperatures dropped down in the low thirties. Even during the day, the weather was cold, dark, and windy. I was tempted to stay inside, drink hot chocolate, eat warm hearty soups, huddle under layers of blankets, and wait until warmer weather returned. However, having read somewhere, […]