President’s End of Year Message

We just had our first board meeting using Zoom. I am happy to say that it went very well. Everyone could attend no matter where they were. Thank you, Laurie Griffin for your help and support!

Mark your calendar for our first Zoom General meeting of 2021. It will take place January 9th at 1:00. You will receive a reminder with sign up instruction after the first of the year. It is easy and we will provide help if you need it!

You should have received information recently about Plein Air and our virtual mini workshops that will resume in the new year.

Michele Loftus-Trzcinski is putting together instructions on our new Gallery for your artwork that will be displayed on our website. If that goes well we will work on an online show on Facebook. So, make sure you support it!  Thank you, Michele!

Karen Sullenger has been working on finalizing the details for our March 3 day workshop. They are still negotiating the terms and arrangements. Thank you, Karen!

Ruth Foreman is working with Michele to set up a new Facebook page that would be open to the public. Her current Facebook page is private to BWS members only. She has offered to supervise and maintain the new page.  Thank you, Ruth!

We are still needing a few chairmen to help us out. We need an Art and Education person. We had to cancel last year’s program but hope to have one this year. We have supplies waiting for the teachers. But haven’t been able to use them.  We also need a Publicity Chairman to help us grow and be successful.  I will continue doing the email blasts but need someone to handle the quarterly newsletter. Please consider helping with one of these positions.

We can only go forward with the online show if we get volunteers to run it. It will be much easier than running our regular Splash event. We have many people from the board and other watercolor societies that are willing to help advise. But we need someone to head it up!

I think that is all for now. As you can tell we have all been working hard to keep BWS running!  Again thank you to all my board members, chairmen, and volunteers who have been so giving and helpful in supporting me and BWS!

Stay safe. Happy Holidays! Have a great New Year! Hope to see you in 2021!




Diane Harmon
BWS President

President’s Message December 2020

I hope you had a great Turkey Day. Mine was great but crazy. My daughter, her husband, and my granddaughters, Addy 7 and Mabelle 4 are visiting for a month for Colorado.

The board met again last week. We will be trying out Zoom thanks to Laurie Griffin’s help. We will hold our next board meeting that way. Hopefully in January we will host our first Zoom general meeting!

The big thing we are currently working on with the help of Michele Loftus-Trzcinski is building a online gallery to display and sell paintings. If it goes well we will try to run a Splash like show this way.

We are also working on getting a Facebook page that is open for viewing by the public.

We currently have 2 online demos scheduled for early next year, thank you Laurie and Therese Ferguson. Karen Sullenger has been working very hard with guest artists to do virtual 3 day workshops at a reasonable cost.

Plein Air will be starting again once Jan Faerber gets back into town. We are still looking for suggested sites and an assistant to help.

Last month I asked for volunteers willing to help get BWS growing again. I am sad to say out of 190+ members I received very few responses. We need a Publicity Chair, an Art and Education Chair, and someone to help Michele with the Gallery.   If we hope to get a Splash-like show we need someone to head it up. All of us on the board will be happy to get you going but we can’t do this without help. Please consider helping in one of these areas.

Please remember to pay your 2021 dues either on line or by check to our post office box!!  That is all for now. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

Diane Harmon
BWS President